The GoodSpeak

Helping a startup create its first Virtual Reality training product.
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The issue

The CEO of the startup The GoodSpeak uses a serious game in Virtual Reality (VR) to train people in public speaking. The latter is obsolete both in terms of 3D quality and for its embedded speech analysis system. To create his VR SaaS solution he needs a team of experts to accompany him from the software design to its full development.

Our solution

We deployed a triple expertise – design, technical, business – to understand the competences needed for public speaking and to conceive the ideal solution. Together, we created the 1st multiplayer serious game for public speaking. Equipped with a complete analysis system: posture, gesture, look and voice.

The benefits

Thanks to our end-to-end approach, our client was able to translate its expertise into a single software product and deploy it to its customers during training to begin testing. It was able to benefit from the availability of a part-time expert to quickly implement the first customer feedback.


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“6freedom was able to accompany me from the construction of the project to its implementation with my first clients (OPCO Mobility and FREE). Thanks to this software, my trainings have taken another dimension.”

Thierry Marcelin – CEO of TheGoodSpeakVR