3D Modeling & Metaverse Content Creation

We produce exciting, user-friendly content in the Metaverse that hooks your users and keeps them coming back for more

They trust us

Let’s create an immersive world for your brand


A fashion brand might want to create a virtual showroom where customers can explore the latest collections, while a gaming brand might want to create an immersive world where players can interact with each other.


Architectural projects can be 3D deployed in the metaverse for easy access by people all over the world through VR or a web page. Create a digital twin of your company’s premises or an out-of-this-world version of it to provide customers a full experience of your brand universe.

Character Design

The goal is to create an avatar that represents you and your users in the metaverse. So we take into account everything; the persona, the clothes, the hairstyle, accessories, body language, and more ! And blend it into your universe.rn


Creating a visual representation of an artwork, piece of furniture, vehicle or anything your imagination can make up ! These creations will immerse your community deeper into a unique brand universe.


Conceptual Art

We imagine for you environments, architectures, characters and assets

3D Modeling

We can create any concept you have in 3D


We put 3D creations in motion in the Metaverse

Sandbox & VR Chat

We can create your branded universe