Our Team

6freedom is a video-game-inspired organization. Each of our members is a superhero with unique superpowers. The result is an agile powerhouse that sets us apart.
Open-mindedness and optimism are the keys to our success. In addition to our weekly gaming hour, we host hanses meetings four times a year to collaborate and have a good time together.

We keep up with the latest trends and remain open minded to discover creative solutions that go beyond what’s been done before.


We all have unique qualities that make us special. Our differences is what makes us powerful.


Understanding your audience’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions requires empathy. We recognize the complexity and incorporate it all into the software.


We have an open and honest relationship with each other, which fosters mutual respect and good vibes.

Striving for more

We’re never satisfied with the status quo, so we’re always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves.

I relate to these values !
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6freedom in Numbers

12 Team Members

∞ Skills

100% of team members live on super XP

+10,000 hours of accumulated gametime

Meet the team

The members of 6freedom are divided into Four distinct but interconnected houses groups. Each day, each general creates the best possible conditions for success to take place.

Olivier Heim

aka “Tollemache” – Founder & CEO

I imagine, shape and deploy 6freedom’s strategy to unite our teams around a common vision. I work with our clients to create a clear vision of their project and create unique products in terms of both design and aesthetics.

Morgan Klein

aka “Fangh” – CTO

I find the technical solutions for your projects. I make sure that they are manufactured at the highest quality possible. To do this, I do R&D, spend my nights unearthing technical gems and surround myself with fascinating people.

Hugo Thery

aka “Colonel.T” – COO

I facilitate the daily life of all the actors of our projects.
A conductor who listens to you and gives you the tune for your custom-made scores.

Raphaël Guenon

aka “JeTuIl” – Lead Developer

Manage and ensure the technical part of projects throughout their life cycle. Pricing, architecture, design, development, support… In short, everything that has to do with the technical part.

Thibault Dévigne

aka “ZeTibz” – QA Engineer

Push all the buttons. Try to break everything methodically, then explain to the programmers how I broke everything. When nothing breaks anymore, we’re done.

Hear from the team

“Putting the user at the center of the thought process. It is around this thinking that projects are built. Same thing with teamwork. Here, everyone is attentive, friendly, efficient and a source of ideas! There is nothing more pleasant than providing quality work in good company.”
Clément Product Designer Ux/UI
“Here we combine high standards and a good atmosphere ! We are all working remotely but Discord is our work and play area. The occasional lunch spent playing gartic phone or other fuel us for the rest of the week !“
Anaëlle Growth Manager
“Great atmosphere and projects !!!! Telecommuting allows for autonomy that feels good, coupled with the trust we are given; all of this gives perspectives as a learner that are more than nice.”
Tom XR developer apprentice
“We tunnel in efficiency and in thoughts. If necessary, we can be accompanied by a plastic duck, which is quite useful in a situation of intensive thinking. The atmosphere is great, it’s a lot of work and a lot of fun.”
Corentin Developer