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We are an augmented reality agency with 360° expertise for immersive, interactive and impactful experiences. We are pioneers in the creation of captivating and innovative virtual experiences. Whether for training, marketing or any other sector, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination to offer our customers unique, tailor-made solutions.
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Our services and expertise

We offer a full range of augmented reality services to meet all your needs. Whether you want to develop an immersive application, create interactive content or integrate augmented reality into your marketing strategy, our team of experts is there to support you every step of the way. Choosing 6freedom means opting for excellence and innovation. Our team of passionate experts is dedicated to the success of your project, providing you with cutting-edge know-how and boundless creativity.

Augmented Learning

Dive into step-by-step spatialized learning scenarios.

Augmented Assistance / Remote assist

Turn even emergency field operations into smooth, efficient experiences.

Augmented Sales Support

Transform the shopping experience with augmented reality product visualization.

Augmented Design

Enrich the design process by overlaying information and virtual models in the real environment.

Augmented Events / Branding

Create immersive, interactive events, captivating audiences with unique experiences.

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Understanding your needs :
The design workshop

#1 Framing the project

  • • Determine the application’s pedagogical objectives​
  • • Identification of users
  • Analysis of available training content
#2 Understanding workshop

  • • Agency / site visit
  • • Scripting of immersive application
  • • Choice of art direction & definition of 3D requirements
  • • Prototyping (mock-up)
  • • Demo of completed projects
#3 Pre-design

  • • Storyboarding – mock-up
  • • Personae definition
  • • Writing the immersive learner journey​
  • • Definition of necessary interactions
#4 Technical framing

  • • Determination of data architecture and internal software interfacing
  • • Data security choices
  • • Deployment planning

They trust us

The plant manager wanted to update the 2D product presentation with immersive technologies. 6freedom’s new immersive training is simple and effective. It really appeals to newcomers.
Philippe Rigodon Technical training
6freedom was able to support us and reassure us of their ability to carry out this project successfully. We’re very satisfied with the quality of the rendering of this V2 and continue to collaborate with 6freedom for new developments.
Antoine Bacrot Product Manager
6freedom has demonstrated real technical expertise. Developments are carried out with great rigor and efficiency.
Ludovic Fagot C.T.O
6 freedom supported me from the design stage right through to implementation with my first customers (OPCO Mobility and FREE). Thanks to this software, my training courses have taken on a whole new dimension.
Thierry Marcelin C.E.O

Our approach

Our approach is centered on your needs and objectives. We start by listening carefully to understand your expectations and defining the best approach together. Then we apply our creative process, combining creativity, technical expertise and innovation to bring your project to life. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and involved, guaranteeing close collaboration and outstanding results.

Augmented reality agency, frequently asked questions

At 6freedom, we have diversified expertise in the realization of augmented reality projects. Whether it’s developing AR mobile applications, creating interactive content, or integrating AR into your marketing strategies, we’re here to meet your needs with creativity and technical expertise.

With our intuitive dashboard, you can track the progress of your augmented reality project in real time. You’ll have transparent access to every stage of the process, from conception to final delivery, guaranteeing efficient collaboration and total satisfaction.

Working with a specialized agency like 6freedom guarantees you cutting-edge expertise in the field of augmented reality. Our team of passionate experts is dedicated to the success of your project, providing you with unrivalled know-how and boundless creativity. With us, you benefit from a personalized approach, tailor-made solutions and exceptional results.