Total Group subsidiary

Displaying 3D CAD in the real environment in 3 clicks.
Réalité Augmentée Industrie & Défense

This Total Group subsidiary is in the process of having a new bin-picking machine designed and built. Before it goes into production, the company wants to be able to check that it complies with specifications, and that it is correctly installed in the shopfloor (machine entry and exit, ergonomics, safety standards, parts flow, etc.).


Develop an application that 1) automatically converts CAD into 3D models online 2) scans the real environment thanks to a tablet 3) places the 3D model of the machine with great precision in its future location 4) takes measurements.


This application enabled the Total Group subsidiary to detect a major ergonomic problem, which would have been a source of injury to operators (this HSE risk was estimated at 150 000 euros). Thanks to the application, the problem could be solved upstream of the manufacturing process and the situation avoided.


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