Make it real

Unleash Your Company in the Immersive World

We use the latest immersive technologies to create powerful, long-lasting metaverse experiences that are customized to your company.

Immersive. Interactive. Impactful.

At 6freedom, the ‘f’ of freedom does not only imply real Freedom of action offered by the metaverse… it means Faithful support to your needs, Formative and Fruitful projects, a Fluid vision of the world and the Future, in a Family environment.

360° expertise for the perfect immersive experience

Doing it right

XR Product creation

Design it, build it, live it. We combine VR with AR, holography, or telepresence to create a unique experience. The options are endless, and the potential is limitless.

Immersive learning

Play, train, amaze. This experience uses multisensory signals to help learners retain information better than ever, and it’s interactive, fun, and safe.

The Web3

The pioneers of this new era will enjoy an advantage over those who refuse to join the web of tomorrow.

These projects that make us proud

They trust us

“I wanted to congratulate you on your performance yesterday. The fact that the CoDir was present for the entire hour and a half of the scheduled meeting is indicative of the interest that was shown in this PoC and the potential insights you were able to express.”
Pascal Bartek Poclain hydraulics
“6freedom has demonstrated true technical expertise. The developments are done with great rigor and efficiency.”
Ludovic Fagot D’un seul geste
“On the HSE theme, a great deal of attention is paid to the module through the highly immersive aspect of the serious game, which facilitates adherence to our safety culture. Each time, the same words are used at the end of the session: “it’s impressive, great, wonderful”. As a trainer, it has now become an indispensable teaching tool for understanding.”
Philippe Rigodon Poclain Hydraulics
“6freedom has been a tremendous asset during this project both in terms of its skills and its ideas and thoughts. Its team shows great responsiveness and a strong ability to adapt to projects and their founders!”
Clément Pradel Sagesse technologies
“6freedom’s work is very satisfying. They are very knowledgeable about the programming environment and have very good ideas.”
Andrès Duarte FlyView
“6freedom has a quick and qualitative understanding of the project as well as its challenges. A pleasure to collaborate with them.”
Christophe Bourgeois Notoryou
“The VR project carried out by the company 6freedom is perceived by all users of the virtual helmet, of great utility to understand the functionalities of our products and to be able to be an actor of the cutting, the change of speed, the braking and the assembly of the elements of the engine. “
Philippe Rigodon Poclain Hydraulics
“Our project was singular, halfway between artistic and technological issues 6freedom was able to provide answers adapted to our needs and to show a great flexibility to adapt to the unexpected changes of our schedule. The project management was perfect as was their understanding of our project.”
Grégory Chatonsky L’art en plus